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On November 9, Marie Dressler's 150th birthday was celebrated. She was born on November 9, 1868 and 73 came to her birthday party in the Art Gallery of Northumberland. In addition 18 members of La Jeunesse Choir entertained us. They performed "Singing in the Rain" in honour of Marie who sang this song in the 1929 Hollywood Revue as well as the requisite "Happy Birthday". Actress Carlotta Rutledge portrayed Marie and when the kids made birthday cards for Marie she presented them with presents.

In attendance were MPP David Piccini, Mayor Gil Brocanier and several Councillors. The party was kicked off by the Town crier Mandy Robinson.

The Photos in the slide show below give an idea of the event.

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Town Crier, Mandy Robinson
Marie Dressler Foundation Chair, Rick Miller
Carlotta Rutledge as Marie Dressler
Town Crier with Marie Dressler
Mayor Gil Brocanier
MPP David Piccini
La Jeunesse Choir
Part of La Jeunesse Choir
La Jeunesse Choir
Creating Birthday cards
Creating Birthday cards
Receiving Presents from Marie
Party at the AGN
Party at the AGN